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I was born in 1963 in Budapest, the capital of Hungary. Ever since I was a child, art -particularly drawing and painting- was very close to my heart. By the age of 18, this love became the love of oil painting. I started to read art magazines and books in order to learn this beautiful way of art. I was inspired by numerous great artists during my years of painting, such as Miklos Barabas and Bertalan Szekely from Hungary, along with Camille Corrot and Claude Lorrain from Europe. After years of practice, a friend of mine introduced me to Tibor Wessely, who became my mentor and showed me the true way of painting with oil, along with its many fascinating techniques. To this day, I am most grateful for his endless patience and teachings. Thanks to him, I had the chance to display my pictures on the walls of numerous well known galleries. If you would like to know more about me, or my work, please do get in touch with me.  


Margit Sapi

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